One of my biggest pet peeves are materials that try and replicate something else. For example, solid surface, quartz countertops that are manufactured to resemble marble. While I understand the durability factor that comes along with a manmade countertop, it's lacking authenticity. Authentic materials are materials found in their natural, organic state; they're unaltered in form. When we use materials that are replicating something else, it's typically because it's a cost savings and the material has been engineered to perform in a more durable fashion. But when we use a more durable material, we miss out on the opportunity for patina, character, and most importantly, luxury. Because to me, luxury is found in the use of authentic materials. 

I don't mean to knock materials like solid surfaces, because there's definitely a need for them in the marketplace. If a client really needed the performance of a solid surface countertop, I would only recommend one that's more pure in color --like a solid gray or white. That way, it doesn't feel like it's a replica, rather it feel like it's own original material. 

X Kat

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